Thoughts about Zeplin

4 days ago from , Designer

Hoping those guys would see these complaints.

Zeplin was the first tool that actually helped with the handovers. It was really useful back then. But now everyone does it natively within their own tools. At the moment I can’t suggest teams to use zeplin? Because they either have invision, marvel , xd or even abstract. Maybe zeplin itself in the future. So why would teams bother to pay for something they already had - with better experience.

Seriously, I do favor zeplin over all other programs but u gotta get ur shit together man. From the beginning you’ve just added small features like annotationsand that’s all. And the bad part is ux is awful now. Why would you hide the invitation button whithin a side dropdown. Ah aslo side dropdown? Why creating a new project is such hassle? Why comments are seperated. And many many more.

Hope zeplin team would see this rant. Cuz i really want them to see something fresh again -instead it feels like they're already crushed by big players.