• August SchippertAugust Schippert, 10 days ago


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    • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 9 days ago

      yep, was about to share this in company Slack, then scrolled down to see the adult section. weird to have that category.

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      • Joey PrijsJoey Prijs, 9 days ago

        I don't think it's weird, especially when you consider that the adult industry is the biggest industry online and probably also was the most innovating one for a while.

        Also, believe it or not, some designers work on adult sites and they might find these old screenshots interesting (altho many seem to be stuck in 2006 and could be part of this gallery).

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      • Arnold Goulding, 3 days ago

        Yeah, over 1,600 carefully selected and sorted web sites that show web design trends... But how many in the adult category? :D

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    • Stefano Tirloni, 9 days ago

      Good catch! Sorry I just saw it now and not before sharing the link.

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  • Daniel HartDaniel Hart, 10 days ago

    This is great and useful. The Netflix 2003 snapshot got me.

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