• Darren Treat, 9 months ago

    If you are a programmer, you might be surprised but other people normally don’t like hierarchies. Nested structures are hard to grasp, remember, navigate, and grouping is very often non-intuitive. Nested tabs are one of the worst UI patterns out there.

    Step one, redesign product for the people who don't use it.

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  • William GuerraWilliam Guerra, 9 months ago

    interesting take. I think a lot of visual hierarchy is lost in the final "freshen up" step.

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    • Andrew C, 9 months ago

      I’m amazed by how many designers think clear definition of areas or borders are needless frills.

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      • Pedro MC FernandesPedro MC Fernandes, 8 months ago

        Yeah! It's almost trendy. The definition of areas is essential for fluid reading. Now, you can absolutely avoid lines and rectangles. But if you can't properly define boundaries using white spaces, you better stick to lines and borders... OR ELSE

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    • Mike Kingsborough, 9 months ago


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  • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 9 months ago

    I'm more or less on board with this until the end. It gets so close to drawing the right conclusion from the fact that the design hasn't changed in a long time, then blows it. Removing the visual differentiators between sections does not make it easy to scan, especially with the 3-column layout. It's very difficult to see where one column ends and another begins.

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 9 months ago

      I completely agree. There’s honestly some very solid ideas and nice work, but that gets undone in the last few steps. I’d definitely be okay with GitHub selectively adopting some of this.

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      • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 9 months ago

        I do think some good points are made. But the points are lost in the final version that is actually worse.

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    • Marvin Hagemeister, 9 months ago

      Fully agree, I'm a dev and he lost me at step 8. Until that step the ideas were awesome, but the weird layout starting from step 8 just ruins it for me.

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    • Pedro MC FernandesPedro MC Fernandes, 8 months ago

      Yup, felt the same. The experience was ruined by the end...

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  • Matt Basta, 9 months ago

    The thing I care about on a repo most is the Readme. It's a shame that the reclaimed space was replaced with commits and stats. It would have been a great opportunity to put the Readme front and center, and take a stab at making the markdown formatting cleaner.

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  • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, 9 months ago

    Funny, the first thing I look at in the repo overview are the timestamps for each file/folder in a project, and yes, sometimes the commit messages to get an idea of what was changed last, and why.

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  • Anthony Short, 9 months ago

    I thought this was a joke? The hierarchy is a mess in the "final" version.

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  • Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, 9 months ago

    Github design is pretty good: it gets the job done, it’s clean, has consistent visual language, its design is calm and suitable for everyday use.

    ☝ Your first statement

    My mind: "Why redesign then?"

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  • Shaun Janssens, 9 months ago

    Is this a parody?

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  • John LeschinskiJohn Leschinski, 9 months ago

    I find this to be really poor for the intended users of Github. I look at the commit messages and date stamps all the time. The end result seems more cluttered and messy than the previous.

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  • Steven CavinsSteven Cavins, 9 months ago

    looks like the new JIRA. take that for what it's worth.

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  • Wesley HainesWesley Haines, 9 months ago

    This redesign would incite a massive riot in the streets of Silicon Valley. But interesting take for sure!

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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 9 months ago

    Honestly, I think this is satire.

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  • Martin Velchevski, 9 months ago

    I would argue that 2 sets of navigable items with less then 7 items per row are far easier to parse than a massive row of 9 labels + their indicators. Also - as mentioned before - the 'last updated' timestamp per file as well as its commit message are extremely important. Ditching those is a big no-no. You absolutely killed all white-space on the page, making it so information dense, it's almost unwieldy. Perhaps if you increase the vertical margins between the main blocks?

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  • Ryan Nguyen, 9 months ago

    "Clone or download" is an often-used button. Making it not look like a button is not a redesign for improvement.

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  • Iván UruchurtuIván Uruchurtu, 9 months ago

    I'd love to know what Joel Califa thinks about this redesign.

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  • Pete Lonsdale, 8 months ago

    The main problem with all of this is that you've done no research to validate your 'problems'.

    Start with research, prototype, iterate etc...

    You've basically taken what YOU see as problems and changed things round without testing anything with users.

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  • Thomas WilhelmThomas Wilhelm, 8 months ago

    The tab bar feels crowded, cluttered and so does the "new" content are. For me as a developer it is important to see the latest commit message for the files and when the last version was commited. Feels like the designer should have taken the time to talk to some other developers...

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