• Ryan Hicks, 1 year ago

    The entire site is not serving retina-ready images.

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  • Craig Garner, 1 year ago

    Hi Hasan,

    Here are some quick thoughts:

    1. I found the initial introduction confusing:

    Hi A Toronto based digital marketer with a...

    This doesn't make grammatical sense and should be re-phrased to something like "Hi, I'm Hasan, A Toronto based digital marketer..."

    1. The logo appears blurry on my screen (a retina iMac), I'd recommend using an SVG instead to keep it sharp regardless of resolution.

    2. Visually, the spacing feels out of balance. The leading on the introduction paragraph is very spaced, but the general padding on the sections around it feel a too tight in contrast. I'd either tighten up the leading, or increase the overall spacing.

    3. On the individual projects on the "Portfolio" page, I would generally expect to be able to click the image to take me to the project. I'd consider wrapping them in a link.

    4. The following line includes a highlighted ampersand:

    latest design trends & learn new coding languages

    The ampersand looks like a link, as all your other links appear in the red highlight colour. What purpose does highlighting the ampersand serve? I'd also argue that using an ampersand mid-sentence like this feels a little off grammatically speaking.

    Hope this helps :)

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