• Tony Jones, 6 days ago

    Leave my mouse alone please.

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  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 6 days ago

    The Duroc and Ben Mingo websites gave me anxiety when using them... I didn't try the rest. Can't say I'm a fan of these mouse interactions at all.

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  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 6 days ago

    a splashy bubble trail was a novelty in early 2016

    Try a novelty in 2006.

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  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 6 days ago

    That Virtual Self page reminded me of the glory days of Flash sites. Disable javascript or CSS and the site fails to display anything meaningful.

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  • Ignacio Palomo DuarteIgnacio Palomo Duarte, 7 days ago

    (Fixed) Tiny trend against basic usability best practices: mouse interactions

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  • Mike AbbotMike Abbot, 4 days ago

    love the walkingmen.com example! So simple but so beautiful.

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