Product Design question: Invision Studio, Figma, or Sketch?

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Hi! Sorry if this probably has been asked already a thousand times but I am pretty new to product coming from years in web and marketing. I recently became a cofounder in a startup where I will have to start putting their product together with zero previous experience. My first question obviously is: which software is the best for it? I normally use Sketch but Invision came out last year and they supposedly built the whole thing exactly for product design (including design system libraries etc). Is there any software which is specifically better than the other, or is it in the end a matter of preference? Also if you have super killer medium articles or other pieces on starting off with a structured product library, please shoot them over! Thanks.


  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 7 months ago

    If you use sketch i would recommend to use it further. In the newest version you will got everything you need to build up a design system. The same goes for Figma.

    Search for Atomic Design regarding design system.

    I wouldn't recommend Studio yet, since is still in development and in my opinion not production ready.

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