Pair Design. Does anyone have any insights?

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We're considering designing in pairs, at least for some aspects of a project. But I'm curious to hear from anyone who's done it. Does it work better for one part of the process than another? ie. wireframeing vs applying ui.

From my brief research, it sounds like designing in pairs in short bursts works better than working together for longer stretches.

Also, does a mix of roles work better than not? Say, a researcher and a visual designer vs two visual designers.

Thanks in advance!

Oh also, inb4 just use figma.


  • Matt HomerMatt Homer, 7 months ago

    Me and Judit pair design. I am a UX designer and she is a UX researcher and she just wrote an article about How we pair design.

    When we work, we both work. Depending on the stage of the project and what skills are required, we sometimes work on the same task, 1 of us leading, the other supporting. Other times we are on different tasks, with the other constantly available for brainstorming and feedback. We often iterate on each other’s work until we reach the right solution.

    Working as a design pair has been a serious upgrade to our work, both in speed and quality of our design. We can design, test and refine though ideas so much faster. This tight collaboration and accountability makes me a more effective designer.


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    • Peter Komierowski, 7 months ago

      Very interesting, thanks for sharing! I like your approach, and it sounds like a combo of research and design works really well for you guys.

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    • Stefano Vitagliano, 7 months ago

      Interestingly it's something I found myself doing it often lately. With a UX researcher or with a product owner and it's a very effective way to operate. But I never thought of it as pair design. I'm planning a session with one designer and some stakeholder locked in a room for few hours to wireframing. Nice thread by the way.

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