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    Hi DN Community,

    this is an app I built to create new and modify existing color palettes especially for UI design.

    I've written a little blog post why I thought that there is a need for yet another color palette tool over here: https://www.gabrieladorf.com/palettteapp/

    Would love to get some feedback about:

    • UX / UI flaws

    • which features are missing?

    • typos / grammar mistakes

    Have a great day everyone!

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    • Jorge MartinsJorge Martins, 1 year ago

      this came in at a great timing. thanks for this.

      I have a feature suggestion: export as .sketchpalette json format or somehow having the export as rgb values as opposed to only hex

      also, something I noticed is that i can't use - (dash) on color/palette names, so I can't name color like blue-100

      Also appreciated the blog post where you explained the reasoning behind the project, as I couldn't quite figure it just by looking at the interface : )

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