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    I'm conducting a survey as part of my thesis research at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Do you think you could spare 10-15 minutes to help me make this a success?

    Here are two ways to help:

    1. Participating in the survey (~10 minutes) Please follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XJP7W3H (The survey is completely anonymous and no personal data will be made public at any time.)

    2. Sharing the survey (1 - 2 minutes) Please share the link above with: a) Your company, organization, groups, and forums (E.g. via slack, boards, intranet, email groups, ...) b) Your social networks (E.g. via LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, ...)

    Damn, that would be awesome.

    Best! Martin

    About my research: My thesis interest is in the future of work and the role that software tools play in building, maintaining and changing organizational culture. The results of this survey will provide new insights on how to build winning cultures in organizations operating in environments of increasing uncertainty.

    Who can participate: Anyone who works for or with an organization. No matter if remote or onsite, part-time or full-time, employed or independent, founder, CEO, individual contributor or gig-worker. Your input matters.

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