As a UI designer, I want to start writing. But where do I start?

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I've had a lot of experiences designing for projects in a bunch of different mediums since 2011. I want to start writing on Medium, mainly to practice articulating my process and trying to reflect on it a bit more, and hopefully helping someone else along the way.

However, I have no idea where to start. What are some things you'd be interested in hearing from another designer? Anything software related? Team oriented?

Some background: Originally from Central Illinois, I moved to LA in 2011. I have a background in front-end development and moved into full time design a couple years in. I've run a side business (basically for freelance work) since 2007 that still operates to this day in tandem w/ my full time job.

Not sure if this post will get any responses but thanks for taking the time to read it and gave it at least a minute of your time.


  • Koos Looijesteijn, 1 year ago

    Hi Alex, what do you want to actieve with your writing? If it’s content marketing, if makes sense to write to the interests of your target group. I write mainly for myself and to just share whatever I’ve learned recently. The for myself part works best when I publish it in some form, because it makes me more careful to check sources, see the other side of things and it forces me to be precise in my writing and thus thinking.

    As for topics I’d like designers to write about: less about tools and outcomes, more about ethics, collaboration, future visions, inclusiveness, design as a profession, aesthetics and applied behavior psychology.

    For my own writing I use my notes app to collect ideas. I let them sit there for a while and whenever I have time, I go through them and pick one that I believe I can write something about from a perspective I haven’t seen before.

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    • Alex Camp, 1 year ago

      I'd like to write for myself as well, more to practice articulating my thoughts and put my design processes into a shared space for reflection. Your topic ideas are great, I've written them down, thank you for sharing. I appreciate your time to give a thoughtful response.

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