How to get your own, official Font Awesome 5, Brand Icon

5 months ago from , Digital Marketing Analyst MDBootstrap

You can check out live example of the issue described below here

Step 1 GitHub

You have to create or log into your existing GitHub account.

Step 2 Fort Awesome

Go to Fort Awesome profile and find the Font Awesome repository

Step 3 Create New Issue

If you're not familiar with GitHub just click here.

Your issue should be created according to the following standards in order to be accepted.Title: The Issue title should fit the template "Icon request: your-icon-name", f.e. "Icon request: amazon"Description: describe the purpose of your icon, f.e. if you're creating WordPress plugins mention websites that include it, you can also leave a link to your project. Additionally, you have to let the creators know if your icon is a single one, f.e. Apple logo or matched pair f.e. lock & unlock icons.Image: Paste a link to the image that the icon should be based on, f.e. your company logoAlso: Search for existing issues to make sure that your request isn't a duplicate

Step 4 Get it out in the world!

Share your issue with your friends, coworkers and possibly on your Social Media!More people supporting your request makes it more possible to be accepted!

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