How much time is too much for a hiring UX test?

almost 3 years ago from , UX Designer

Hi guys,

Currently interviewing with and applying to many different companies. A successful Berlin startup has asked me to do a UX test after two rounds of interviews. Completely normal nowadays, but they've asked me to set aside 4 hours of my time for the test.

My question is: in your opinion, how much time is too much for unpaid UX work in a test that will be evaluated to determine if you are hired or not? 4 hours is by far the most amount of time any company has asked me to do, and in my opinion a bit much considering it will be free work. I asked for clarification on whether this test will involve me working directly on something involving their product, but I haven't heard back yet. If I'm just doing something random and not at all related to their product (and therefore can't use it as free work), I have less of a problem with it.

Any arguments besides "it depends on how badly you want the job"? I do want the job, but there are limits, and I want other jobs that I'm in talks for as well.