Product Designer

26 days ago
San Francisco, CA • fulltime


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Email is broken. Everyone gets too much. We’re addicted. It is a distraction from deep thought — just sitting there, waiting to be checked. And it too often prevents us from truly expressing ourselves.

We are optimists and we don’t believe things have to be this way. So, we started a company to fix email. We believe the solution requires rethinking email from first principles. We don’t have all the answers yet but we do have top tier investors, experience, and a plan. 

We are looking for a humble, curious, rigorous thinker to join us as our first Product Designer. We (the co-founders) come from a culture that places a high value on design and expect design to be a leadership function in our company.

As our first designer, you would own the end-end design for our new email product – a product that you would use yourself every day. If working on a problem this large sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you.

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