Apple Store Down

over 6 years ago from James Thomas, Owner at The Web Developers

  • Jordan FlaigJordan Flaig, over 6 years ago

    Even if its an upgraded iPhone I will most likely get it. My iPhone 5 is showing its age and it looking rough since I don't like to use a case. iPhone works for me. Its never a new drastic learning experience and best of all its a simple experience.

    As far as wearable. I hope its something better than a watch. I really cant see my self ever using it. I would most likely run out of the house every morning without it from being on the charger or not on me from the morning shower. Now if its water proof then its a different story.

    Id love some retina cinema displays!

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    • James ThomasJames Thomas, over 6 years ago

      Agreed, my 4S is showing it's age so I'll likely purchase the new one. Also, although it's likely just software, I cannot currently connect to Bluetooth devices with my 4S either, but that's just an excuse as I can't be bothered restoring :-)

      I'm not sure on the watch myself, if that is what's going to be announced. I have a nice Armani watch and don't have many apps in the allowable list for notifications so wouldn't find use from this - although others may do.

      Retina Cinema Displays would definitely be a nice addition.

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