• Gokhun GuneyhanGokhun Guneyhan, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Dribbble is mostly ui, web, app icons, logos and infographics.

    Behance is more balanced in that manner with animation, photography, architecture, craft, advertising, painting, illustration, editorial design and so on...


    On Dribbble, users are promoted by other users and I believe this is the worst thing about it. After a week of using Dribbble, you'll notice that there are always familiar faces on the popular shots; anything he/she does gets 100+ likes while others are waiting to be discovered with better works.

    Behance on the other hand has its own curator team to feature users, which is much better to discover new talents and get new inspiration. And as you follow other people, their likes appear on your activity feed so you can reach even more inspiration.


    Dribbble is more like a community, whereas Behance is a platform. With playoffs, rebounds and people teasing each other it's fun to use Dribbble. On Behance, you might feel like you're in front of the jury to present your work, which motivates you to prepare better presentations instead of a perspective mockup or a photo of your screen taken with your iPhone.


    As a UI Designer, the greatest point about Dribbble for me is that you can follow companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram etc. really close because they're actively sharing what's going on. Which also makes it easier to be discovered by them.

    Behance has really big names to follow, too. But they're usually individuals or agencies instead of companies/startups like on Dribbble.


    Clients coming from Dribbble are easier to work with because they know more about what they want and what I'd need. Behance clients are usually looking for a cheaper designer.


    I think the deal about Dribbble designers are not designing for real world is meaningless. The Bat' in the movie wasn't for real world but everybody loved it. Such communities are for creative freedom and we need more of it to make it happen for the real world.

    To sum up, they both have different pros and cons, and they are both indispensable for me to get inspiration, show my work and get new projects.

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