• Theresa MershonTheresa Mershon, 7 years ago

    As a hiring manager, here's what I've experienced:

    Dribbble: Useful for finding illustrators/visual designers using search or browsing, and have contracted a few for one-off projects. I've had zero luck finding good full-time candidates via paid ads on Dribbble. It seems like some people have a LOT of time to spend reinventing tiny ui elements. It's a little precious. But I've found GREAT icon designers here.

    Behance: I get the largest number of quality applicants for full-time design jobs. Behance is best for locating new/young/recent grads for junior designer roles. Behance's application process is frictionless, and it's nice to have the portfolio, cover letter, and my hiring notes aggregated and archived. I think it's a really good idea to have a Behance account if you are a working designer and illustrator, because it's really easy to browse and search for talent here.

    Cargo Collective: Fantastic for illustrators or other artists I'd like to contract for specific projects. I don't really use it to search/locate new talent.

    Obviously the more designer portfolio accounts you maintain, the better your visibility will be. I love it when designers cross-link from these accounts to personal sites with recent or interactive projects.

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