Dear Adobe...

over 7 years ago from James Caruso, Product Designer at Facebook

  • Charles PearsonCharles Pearson, over 7 years ago

    Hi Yeti.

    I just want to say the LAST thing I was trying to convey in my post was, “hey, wait around for Adobe cause we’re Adobe and we’re doing things”. I was only trying to say that we (PS) get the frustration, we get that there are a number of workflow gaps and painpoints, and we get that there’s a lot of work to do for screen design. I just wanted to say that we’re moving forward with that in mind. Some evidence of what we’re doing has been offered in the last few releases and our focus on UI design will only intensify in future releases. Whether or not what we’re doing appeals to anybody is another matter — that will be judged and we’ll move forward with whatever feedback we get. Like any team we'll get it right at certain points, and struggle at others. Who knows where it all will end up though. UI workflows won’t settle for a long time, but we hope we can contribute positively. Believe me though when I say we’re approaching this with a lot of humility.

    I really wish we could release fixes every few weeks, but there’s no way. CC tho, does allow us to release multiple times a year instead of every 18 months, and iterate a little faster. But it would be great to connect if you’re game, Yeti. You’re hungry for UI/UX fixes, but what exactly? Getting specifics would help us understand what you and others are hungry for. Details on deliverables and workflows are hugely valuable to us in providing context, ultimately defining and implementing fixes — especially when it comes to something as big as creating a working experience across Ps/ Ai/ Id.

    Anyway, this is a great thread and conversation and I'm going to forward to relevant folks on the PS team as well as elsewhere in Adobe.

    happy monday, charles

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