• James GreigJames Greig, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Disagree with you on inline links.

    Links maketh the web.

    Separating them from the content makes them less usable...

    Imagine trying to use Wikipedia without inline links for example.

    Ok that's an extreme article, but a well designed link style shouldn't be so loud that it makes a paragraph of text containing a few links unreadable.

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    • Coulter PattonCoulter Patton, almost 6 years ago

      Yeah, I see your point.

      A few subtle links within an article is fine. I guess my biggest beef is with these sites where you're reading an article and damn near every other sentence is a hyperlink to another article.

      I just keep thinking, "hey, can I finish the article I'm reading NOW before you redirect me to some other article?"

      I much prefer the method employed in books where you have an unobtrusive indicator that a source is cited or an idea needs elaboration, then you can reference those at the bottom of the page or in the appendix.

      I just prefer an unobtrusive reading environment where I can focus on the content in front of me without being tempted to click away.

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