Advanced CSS Books recommendations

over 5 years ago from Chris Winch, Freelance Frontend Developer

  • Andrew Johnson, over 5 years ago

    I don't know of any OOCSS books, but that book on SASS is a nice starter. It'll set you on the right track, if you've just been using the most obvious features of SASS — like those wonderful nested selectors, even if they aren't the most performant option.

    Sorry everyone else, but I know this man's pain. My vacations are spent messing about with itty bitty personal projects using technology I've never used before. It is the most rewarding way to spend chunks of that brain-off time. If I just let my mind sit idle I get bored and bitter with myself, but if I spend my vacation time leisurely building up little one-pagers that the rest of the world will never see, it somehow feels more relaxing than forcing myself not to touch the web at all.

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    • Chris Winch, over 5 years ago

      Thanks for your suggestion.. Ill have a look, i think SASS for web designers will be a little too basic for what i'm looking for. I already know SASS but was looking to get into the more advanced side of things like loops etc..

      I wont have a computer with me also, so it'll be all theory but i'm glad you get that i like to spend my downtime thinking about design. It makes me feel inspired to get right back into it when I'm home again :)

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