Code is killing my creativity

almost 8 years ago from Maxim Zhukov, Creative Developer Freelance

  • Geoff KimballGeoff Kimball, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    Don't fret about always being on the cutting edge or leveraging every optimization trick in the book. The world won't end if you didn't run your JPGs through three different compressors, or didn't perfectly use @extend versus @include in your Sass, or didn't find the most optimal build system to assemble files.

    It's best to take it slow. There's an opportunity cost in learning a new process, so instead try to iterate on it. Take a process you feel comfortable with, identify a problem area, and consider ways you can bolt something on to your process to improve it.

    And when it comes to choosing between different kinds of software, just learn one and stick with it. Learn Foundation or Bootstrap, learn Angular or Ember, learn Grunt or Gulp. The web prides itself on building systems that are flexible and can hook into anything (which I feel like is where much of the complexity comes from for new developers), so there's usually a way to connect any two systems to each other.

    Just focus on getting things done.

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    • David MDavid M, almost 8 years ago

      incredibly well said

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    • Maxim ZhukovMaxim Zhukov, almost 8 years ago

      You're saying the same thing that Drew Wilson in his book Execute: that it's more important to execute that using the new fancy tools.

      What’s Under the Hood

      Speaking of keeping it simple and re-using code, he did the same for the back-end. He personally likes to build a fully custom backend for each app that he makes, because he’s not a fan of MVC or using JSON templater libraries.

      He has a code-base that he’s been refining and re-using for a few different apps. It’s extraordinarily light-weight, uses JSON API by default, and is full of abstractions to make re-using it super easy. It’s built-in PHP, since that is what Drew is best at. His favorite language is Javascript by far, so he also really likes using Node.js. Space Box has a RESTful JSON API built-in PHP and stores the information in a MYSQL database, and uses AES encryption for any sensitive data. Space Box never stores or processes credit card information, another good reason to build on Stripe.

      All the JavaScript is custom, other than using jQuery. Writing custom JS is always best since you have full control over everything and you can always make things run faster when you don’t have additional overhead. A lot of people say to use frameworks or templaters, but Drew usually just tells them to get better at JavaScript.

      The service is hosted on MediaTemple. He setup a custom box and installed GIT, and uses GitHub for deploying code.

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