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almost 6 years ago from Ryan Gilbert

  • Chris NewtonChris Newton, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Looks like a nice execution so far. Some suggestions:

    I think having the home page dominated by an example works well, though I found it confusing that the example changed randomly from one page load to the next. Maybe this would be a rare instance where some sort of carousel-style layout could be effective? I’d suggest using obvious manual controls to move to the next example rather than a timer, though, as each example could take a while to look through and it might be frustrating for users to have the example document change unexpectedly as they were halfway through reading it.

    I found the subtle background video at the top of the home page a neat trick but ultimately distracting.

    Being able to export in PDF and Word format seems essential. Many employers require CVs to be submitted in some common format so received documents can be scanned by automated HR software, and the nicest web site in the world isn’t going to get the candidate past the first hurdle in that situation.

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