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over 5 years ago from Kyle L, Designer, Illustrator

  • Carolann Merchant, over 5 years ago

    I think this is an excellent idea! You mentioned wanting to validate the idea before printing and selling.

    Here are a few honest thoughts I had when looking at the site (very nice btw):

    • This is the type of thing I would expense but might not purchase with my own money depending on my role.
    • Speaking only to their functionality and not their quality, I would pay $30-45 for the deck.
    • I hope all the cards are generic enough to use on any project but specific enough to use often. If all of the cards are similar to the sample questions that are on the site - I'd say you nailed it.

    As a side note - I could see this being an amazing tool for training a team on how to discuss designs.

    We've all been in meetings in which finer details are discussed too early in the process. These cards would be a great exercise in scoping a discussion.

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