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almost 6 years ago from Ricardo Nunes, front end developer

  • Ricardo NunesRicardo Nunes, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I do believe that. What I wrote is just the common practice. I only present one solution to the client, but this solution already had a lot of iterations from my part.

    And when presented to the client, there is always margin for minor changes.

    Also, even when you give your best on every single solution, you know that there is always that one that you just love and, for your understanding, is the perfect one for the job. And that one gets put on the side because it's not "funky" enough.

    Also, the biggest question here is a place where we can all discuss and learn with this process and others, not the process itself. That was just an example and the "call-to-action" on the biggest issue.

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    • Nate LegaspiNate Legaspi, almost 6 years ago

      Sorry for missing the point.

      That is why it is so hard for young people to get into their dream job sometime and keep their passion since they are expected to work as "experts" in the field.

      I believe that senior people need to mentor first, training and honing new people's skill set and work process. I remember my CD a few years back, he used to be an ECD and he told me that no one told him and trained him what an ECD supposed to do. Its not something that you can learn from school. You just have to jump in and assume the role and people expect you to know what to do. So he decided that he wasn't ready for it, so he want back to being a CD. It was really a sad story, getting your dream job and not knowing what to do since his previous bosses only taught him how to do his job well but didn't prepared him for what's next.

      Sometimes its also hard to expect it from your senior people, to sit back and teach you how things work but I do believe that it is part of their job, to pass on their knowledge.

      I do want to have a place where people can discuss their learnings, their victories and mistakes. Learning other people's process so we can learn from it. We spent years and years of experience to slowly tweak our workflow and process. We tweak it slowly until we get into the right process but its a never ending cycle.

      If everyone can spend a few minutes of their time to discuss and share their experiences from their busy lives to help other people in the community, it will benefit everyone especially future generation.

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      • Ricardo NunesRicardo Nunes, almost 6 years ago

        On spot! :) I would love to have a place where each day would be a post from someone different like Mike Montero or Paul or you or me helping the younger ones and the old ones. Maybe even have a conference in a year or so where instead of talking only about "design", people would talk about their experiences and help each other. That's one conference I would attend. (Am I starting something great? )

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        • Nate LegaspiNate Legaspi, almost 6 years ago

          That's one of the things I hate about attending design conferences. Most of the time its just massaging the egos of whoever is talking on stage. I really hate it when it became just a show and tell of their work without even showing us the objective, inspiration and the craft that went with it. There are few designers out there who are really out there to inspire young creatives and reveal there workflow and processes.

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