Ask DN: Left or right aligned labels in forms?

over 6 years ago from George Papadakis, COO at Phaistos Networks

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, over 6 years ago


    Without knowing the context go for label immediately above the form field. Because there's some mild evidence that it's the fastest and more legible (but that depends on context, etc.) and it's the easiest to wrangle into smaller display sizes.

    That decision might change depending on the context (e.g. limited vertical real estate).

    If you're interested in label alignment I'd recommend reading Label Placement in Forms along with all of the comments — they're relevant.

    I'd also take a gander at Label Alignment in Long Forms which talks about some more recent research.

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    • George Papadakis, over 6 years ago

      You are correct, of course; This is (or has to be) a context-based decision.

      My "curiosity" had to do with this kind of environment, where just a bunch of fields (and labels) are present.

      So many different views (and arguments) for such a trivial case makes you wonder for a couple of things - sort of.

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