Sketch + Yosemite = pure speed.

6 years ago from florian fangohr, design / founder @fangohr studio

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    It's also highly unlikely that you get the Metal engine benefits for free (even if it did exist on Yosemite). They would have to implement it manually?

    Yes and no.


    Games and apps using OpenGL for rendering will get no benefit from Metal, unless they do lots of work to implement it, which will probably mean rewriting part of their engine and probably maintaining OpenGL and Metal versions of some of their code (because Metal is only supports some GPUs).


    Games using engines like Unreal or Unity will likely only have to rebuild the game with a version of the engine that supports Metal.

    Apple’s frameworks

    Games and apps using Apple’s frameworks, like Core Graphics and Core Image will see improvements if Apple makes optimisations, which may be what Florian’s seeing here. Maybe. (Except that benefit isn’t from Metal.)

    It’s hard to decipher Apple’s plans for Metal. I think it’s possible they only intend it to be for mobile, where the difference matters more. It’s possible they do see it as important for the Mac, but will only worry about it for Macs running ARM CPUs, which isn’t a thing now, but could be in the future. Or, it’s possible they’re busy writing a full set of Mac drivers for all the GPUs in their hardware. I think the last point is the least likely though.

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