Sagmeister: No Fuckhead you are not a Storyteller(

6 years ago from Anna Niess, Product Designer at Tumblr

  • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, 6 years ago

    I agree - but I think MANY jobs are about solving problems.

    The reason I like to say that "design is solving problems" is because for many folks out there who aren't familiar, they think design is just doodling pretty pictures. They don't like at a designer as a trained person solving an issue, but just someone who likes to draw or make websites or whatever for fun.

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    • Eric HuEric Hu, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      In my experience, if you're able to talk about your work and show the process, and talk about why you did this or that—whether to a potential client or an interested friend, it will be readily apparent to anyone whose opinion is worth anything (e.g. a paying client or someone that is open minded). If it's a scenario where you can't do that, more often than not you're not going to persuade that person. Every situation I had with someone who thought I just drew all day where I just talk about my work the response is "wow I didn't know so much thinking was involved." If someone thinks you're doodling, saying "design is problem solving" won't mean much, unless you are specific or provide examples so just start from there and drop the slogan because it's less about education than a just a mantra to be proud of with zero accountability of whether or not you actually follow through with that.

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      • Derryl CarterDerryl Carter, 6 years ago

        In other words....if you're a good story-teller?

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        • Eric HuEric Hu, 6 years ago

          No, if you're sincere, and won't use buzzword that carry little meaning and just actually go out and do it.

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