Sagmeister: No Fuckhead you are not a Storyteller(

6 years ago from Anna Niess, Product Designer at Tumblr

  • Drew PickardDrew Pickard, 6 years ago

    More often than not, companies who really want to 'tell a story' are trying to counter the fact that they tell a really horrible story with their product and company.

    They have absolutely no interest in actually changing what they do and how they do it but are very interesting in coating it with a bunch of bullshit.

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    • Sarper Erel, 6 years ago

      But that's the thing. You shouldn't "tell a story" because you think you need to "tell a story".

      I agree with Sagmeister on the ones that you talk about but I honestly find it beautiful to listen the companies who tell "their story". Why do they do what they do? That's a part of being human and humans tell stories..

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