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6 years ago from Antoine Marguerie, Designer at Base Secrète

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    We've set a limit to 30MB (about 30K tracks) per iTunes import for now. You don't import MP3 but XML files. If your library is larger you can do multiple imports (export playlists XML files). Processing time can vary, but it's very fast if we already matched those tracks before. If you have a large library with very uncommon tastes, it can take a bit more time, specially if there are lot of users doing imports at the same time. It shouldn't take more than a few hours in the worst case.

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    • Sander SmeekesSander Smeekes, 6 years ago

      Love the feature. I just got an invite for the Alpha version and had a small UX remark on the uploading part of the iTunes XML file.

      In the description you can see how to export this. When you click on on "Import", you acces your files and it opens (in my case) the Download folder. Maybe it would be nice to open the screen on the place where the file is already placed & updated (

      That way, the user has faster acces to the file. Maybe even turn on the option to highlight only XML files (because that's the only kind of file that's supported, right?)

      Anysqueezy, keep on going with this, really love the simplicity of it. I think that's really a powerful thing in this service.

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