is open for everyone(

over 5 years ago from Afnizar Nur Ghifari, UX Designer at Bukalapak

  • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, over 5 years ago

    We're actually working this out right now. We didn't want to get flushed with a lot of unused spam accounts, nor with uninterested folks.

    I agree that the invite system makes more sense with a larger userbase — and we got a lot of sign ups. And some of those were from people who really don't have any work and aren't necessarily "qualified." I put that in quotes as its kind of arbitrary.

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    • Matt JohnstonMatt Johnston, over 5 years ago

      We should use this thread to get some invites going. I just signed up (username: mattsjohnston), but don't even know who is on the site in order to ask for an invite.

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