Think carefully when naming your app.(

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  • Juan SolanoJuan Solano, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Thank you very much for the reply. I am glad you joined the conversation. I personally don't think the name is bad or good. People and your user acquisition will tell you whether it was a good or bad idea. And as they say "There is no such thing as bad publicity"

    But I was more interested in knowing the WHY you took the decision to name your app with such controversial name. You could probably understand deeply the theory of a political movement (which from your response I don't doubt) but that doesn't mean the public/your users will get the same message.

    The question is more related to marketing than what actually socialisms or/and communism means. How did you think the public will get your brand? What would be their top of heart or mind when they encounter your brand? Did you think it was dangerous? What positive connotations will that bring to your brand? Or maybe you think the controversy would actually attract more people?

    Thanks and I hope you get some more little time to expand.

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    • Paul GellerPaul Geller, over 8 years ago

      I think we'll learn our branding lessons a few weeks from now.

      The potential controversy played little role in our want or need for virility and user on-boarding trajectory/velocity. It was not even a thought that controversy over political identity would drive traffic or downloads. However, I am 100% sure that it is driving additional installs at this point.

      The main considerations in naming that app were:

      1) Does it describe what we do? Yes. It's a tool for social list-building. 2) Are there interesting presentation opportunities? (for instance, could we acquire the domain Yes. 3) is it fun? I think it is. You might disagree though.

      I think anyone trying to build a brand should be cognoscente of the potential for controversy in selecting a product name but should not shy away from controversy if the first three goals are overwhelmingly met, and if it is not blatantly offensive. Is the name of our app controversial? Maybe. But is it patently offensive? I don't think so, but offensiveness is usually judged by the community in which we reside. I work and live around reasonable people, some of whom may be politically active and some of whom may not be. I don't think they would find this offensive, though maybe ill advised. I'll take that risk any day. I am also a citizen of the Internet and so are the users we intend to attract. As far as this community is considered, "Socialism" isn't even in the ballpark of offensive. I think we took a reasonable risk and so far it's paying off.

      I think it would be really interesting if ended up as the top result in Google for "Socialist." Then I wonder if those that find the name controversial or have negative feelings towards Socialism will think we are promoting a political ideology or watering it down.

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