Keynote does Material Design(

9 years ago from Andrew Haskin, Interaction Designer at frog

  • Paul MartensPaul Martens, 9 years ago

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees this sort of value in Keynote (before Magic Move I relied more heavily on Apple's Motion). QC, Origami, Framer, Pixate, Hype, even Apple Motion...these still seem great and helpful, but my familiarity with Keynote (bought it for $99 the first month it was out like---10 years ago) seems to hinder my adoption of these newer prototyping apps. Not to say I don't like some new tools -- Sketch 3 with symbols and Flinto are really helpful...and then using Keynote to export some animations to quicktime, then running that through GIF rocket and placing it selectively in Flinto? It's pretty straight forward and easy to update.

    Now if only Apple would allow presentation of Keynote files at a 90˚ angle...that would solve a lot of mobile prototyping problems for me.

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    • Andrew HaskinAndrew Haskin, 9 years ago

      My experience matches yours! For most of my work, building a quick animation in Keynote with the assets I already have is all I need. A robust animation or prototyping tool are overkill for quick storytelling or testing ideas.

      That's not to say I don't think those other tools don't have a place, I just think they should come later in the process.

      Question: Why do have to run the quicktime through GIF rocket and then place images into Flinto? Are you trying to recreate the animations in Flinto?

      And YES to Keynote files at a 90˚ angle.

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