• Michael LoomesMichael Loomes, almost 5 years ago

    I spent 2 years in an extremely large organisation (10,000+) and just felt like a cog in the system. No one really cared if you did exceptional work, or no work at all.

    That said, it depends on your team as well. In those 2 years, I had a year where I had a really tight team, and apart from the relatively mundane work, it was pretty good. People seemed to care, and wanted to get to know you more and you felt like you had responsibilities that were actually necessary. But then I was in two other teams where no one gave a damn who you were, nor seem to care what work you actually did.

    It really depends on the person, and the situation. But I know that I am aiming to work in a really small company next. Small to the stage that I know everyone there fairly well

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