I put a lot of time and thought into it...I still got a C

almost 7 years ago from Ben Henschel, Product Designer at SinglePlatform

  • Sam GarsonSam Garson, almost 7 years ago

    Sorry, but I completely disagree. (Not with everything—you're pretty bang on with Yo...)

    AirBnB provides a quite intimate, even intrusive service for a lot of people all over the world. I think they've made a great move by creating a trusting and very much intimate brand for themselves. It's not at all about the logo or the website, the fact that they've put a brand and they're name on the concept of belonging I think is pretty huge for them, and will certainly be so in the long run.

    You're right, sometimes a critique which brings a company back down to Earth is entirely necessary and yours is a valid opinion, but in mine it's essential to distinguish when a company is being "metaphysical" (really?) for the sake of it, and when a brand has put deep thought into their brand in a real and valid way.

    Personally, I don't understand how you can say they're making something out of nothing when what they're doing is letting people invite strangers into their own home, and conversely letting people find a 'home' in a strange place, which is a powerful and dangerous service to provide.

    (For completeness: I literally only browsed their explanation of their brand, didn't read any of the copy. I genuinely think that the branding agency has done a pretty good job of letting AirBnB become even more of a brand, and not just an app. I'm looking forward to what they do with their new brand.)

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    • Louis EguchiLouis Eguchi, almost 7 years ago

      The best way of understanding is through the video on their website.

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      • Sam GarsonSam Garson, almost 7 years ago

        I'm pretty sure the video exemplifies quite nicely what I was saying. Granted they may have over dramatised the video slightly, but they've hit the nail on the head for the concept they're trying to achieve.

        Travelling is a scary thing for a lot of people, especially if you're travelling to stay in a strange place in a stranger's home. Creating a flag to fly which symbolises a universal recognition of acceptance and home values is a pretty great idea in my opinion, and will only serve to concrete their domination of their sector.

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