• Toby KellerToby Keller, 6 years ago

    Had LASIK two years ago. Best money I ever spent.

    Downsides: dry eyes for a couple months. Mild headaches after staring at a screen for more than 4 hours or so the first few months. No problems after that.

    Oh, one little thing: when I was crazy nearsighted, I could take off my glasses and look at things very close up… like, I could focus on my fingerprints just an inch or two from my eyes. Helped with untying knots, fiddling with little craft projects and such. After LASIK I can't focus nearly as close anymore (min is maybe 6 inches now). It's just moved my focal range back to "normal", and normal-sighted folks can't focus that close without severe eye strain. A small tradeoff, but it's something I haven't heard from others.

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