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9 years ago from Andrew Haskin, Interaction Designer at frog

  • Andrew HaskinAndrew Haskin, 9 years ago

    One thing I've noticed, many people (not necessarily you) make the mistake of building ALL the animations with ALL the assets into a single slide or two. It's easier to separate the flow out into multiple slides, like a storyboard, with Magic Move doing most of the heavy lifting with transitional animations. Secondary animations can then be added as builds.

    However, I have encountered slides with many builds, with some occurring at the same time, and some with delays, and some with different easing, and it can be difficult to track. Some would say a timeline would be helpful here, but I'm afraid adding one would be a slippery slope. There's something simple and elegant about having fewer options, enough to communicate the point, and then moving on.

    That said, I do wish there were a few more easing presets, and they were available to all animations.

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    • Yakim van ZuijlenYakim van Zuijlen, 9 years ago

      Good point. I do this myself too. In Keynote it gets really frustrating when you have too many objects or animations in one view.

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