Anyone had LASIK or corrective eye surgery?

over 6 years ago from Michael Aleo, Founder at NAV

  • Pedro Pimenta, over 6 years ago

    After 15 years you didn't get used to glasses? I feel wrong when I don't wear my glasses!

    Anyways, I think it's pretty safe nowadays. A couple of friends have done it and my sister as well.

    Speak to several doctors and let them carefully examine you. For example, as I understand, there's some eye problems which surgery can have a good effect, on others not so much. Also, if you have a very high dioptre, you will probably still have to uses lenses or glasses because we can't still fix it all.

    And there's doctors which will outright say "Yes, we'll do it tomorrow" for the sake of money.

    Those are my (uneducated) two cents

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