Keynote does Material Design(

9 years ago from Andrew Haskin, Interaction Designer at frog

  • Emiland DE CUBBER, 9 years ago

    This is just gorgeous Andrew. Keynote is so versatile and powerful - it's my favourite tool, without any doubt.

    Here a few animations I made for a TEDx conference : (all is animated with Keynote)

    You can find the video of the full talk here :

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    • Andrew HaskinAndrew Haskin, 9 years ago

      Awesome! I really dig the glow effect. Did you create all the assets in Keynote or did you import them? I also like the subtle animations of the gears and piston.

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      • Emiland DE CUBBER, 9 years ago

        Thanks Andrew! I really appreciate it.

        The basic shapes are created in Keynote, and other icons are pasted from Illustrator. The final glow is made on Keynote. Gears and pistons were tough to sync but that's cool :)

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