Keynote does Material Design(

9 years ago from Andrew Haskin, Interaction Designer at frog

  • Keira BuiKeira Bui, 9 years ago

    Flinto is great and fast but it's too basic. So what you're saying is QC and Framer are different because they are interactive and provide better control over animation. Other than that, do you think QC/Framer prototypes would be more helpful for the developers?

    I'd definitely try Keynote now. Thanks for posting the file too!

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    • Andrew HaskinAndrew Haskin, 9 years ago

      I think for developers, the closer you can get to providing usable code, the better. The new Keynote can export to HTML, which supports complex animations, but performance varies, and the code I believe is quite unusable. Framer seems the most friendly for developers, but I don't have much experience with it.

      What Keynote is good at is I can quickly whip up an animation using wires or high fidelity assets to tell a story. I think using Keynote in this way comes before using QC/Framer. When you have something that looks right, and in interaction model to support it, then build a prototype to get the feel right.

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