How to Win at Dribbble(

over 7 years ago from Kelly Sutton, Product @ imgix

  • Eric H.Eric H., over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    In the case of the toaster, it is the exact same photo. The Dribbble'd version was then photoshopped to clean up the "toast chambers" and add the floor/shadow and logo.

    For the teapot, also the exact same photo. There was a very subtle scale on the y-axis to make it seem slightly different. If you perform a y-axis scale on it, you can make it match 100% in every detail.

    So, for those two at least, you have what appears to be mild photoshopping being presented as highly polished illustrations or renderings.

    However, the points about the community vs competition seem somewhat valid. Most of the comments are cheering sections and not constructive or useful at all. Perhaps if Dribbble introduced karma (like on HN or here) that would improve the content AND the discourse.

    Regardless, I still enjoy much of the content and surf it for inspiration from time to time. I've never been invited, so I rely on the keyword search and bypass the tabs (and commentary) altogether.

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