Whitespace: Product Design Apprenticeship

6 years ago from Deny Khoung, Director of design at 8VC

  • Sean LesterSean Lester, 6 years ago

    I would be interested in this - I'm at a level where an internship makes little sense for me, but I yearn for self-improvement and I feel kind of stuck where I am. I spend a lot of my work time reading DN articles and other forms of learning, but I really feel I need a mentor or at least to be in an environment where people understand and utilize the techniques I want to learn, like user testing and validating your design decisions through data analysis. Working in a startup environment means: cool projects working with passionate people who aren't afraid to experiment and try new things or at the very least keep up with trends - however in most cases (in my experience - and also in Dallas, not Silicon Valley) working at a startup means being a design team of one. What you're seemingly offering is that kind of learning, in the best environment, with actual apprenticeship under people who would seemingly be qualified to mentor me.

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    • Deny Khoung, 6 years ago

      You're spot on with most startups having a design team of one—this is where the mentor and community aspects of the program are a value add.

      We're looking at applicants now. Send me a link to your portfolio hello [at] whitespacecrew

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