The Android Screen Fragmentation Myth(

over 7 years ago from Matt Achariam, Intent Renderer

  • Blake PerdueBlake Perdue, over 7 years ago

    Yes, "screen fragmentation" is not a huge issue for us in Android development.

    What is a giant, hairy, pisses-you-off-on-a-constant-basis issue for us is device fragmentation.

    I can't tell you how many times a feature we're developing works on all our testing devices except one or two. Supporting so many different devices running different Android versions using different hardware and modified differently by various OEMs and telcoms sucks hard.

    It has significantly slowed down our development speed compared to iOS.

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    • Matt CharpentierMatt Charpentier, over 7 years ago

      This is exactly right. It's about device fragmentation; not merely screen size and dimension.

      Support all the screen sizes you want. The challenges are within the fragmentation of hardware capabilities and software versions.

      With the most popular Android OS version usually being a year or two behind the current version, you find yourself catering to an extremely low common denominator quite often.

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