Disneyland Paris App redesign(benjaminbouwyn.com)

6 years ago from Benjamin BOUWYN, Front-End Developer @ Tigerlily

  • Michael SenaMichael Sena, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    My thoughts:

    1. Very text heavy and the font size looks a little small.

    2. How does the user know to scroll horizontally between rides? Commonly a page control indicator is used.

    3. The Tabs at the bottom all look like they are all in a highlighted state. Usually tabs are greyed out when unselected vs. using the bar over the top to indicate selection.

    4. As an iOS developer I wouldn't recommend tabs at the top of the screen because the tap target of the back button/info button extends below it's rectangle on screen.

    Otherwise nice job. It's so frustrating not knowing how long you might have to wait in line for a ride. Kudos on the gloved back button.

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