Ask DN: What desk do you have?

6 years ago from Robin Raszka,

  • Scott OgleScott Ogle, 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Plywood on adjustable sawhorses.

    Seriously, this is the best desk I've ever owned. Some things I like about it:

    • Totally adjustable. I find myself switching from sitting to standing and back every few months depending on my work habits at the time.
    • Easily reconfigurable surface. Since 3/4" plywood is cheap (~$45 for a 4'x8' sheet) I have modified the working area several times to fit what I need to do. Also, since the surface is just sitting on the sawhorses, it means you can flip it over and utilize each side differently--ie, whiteboard or chalkboard paint on one side and black on the other if you wanted.
    • Easy to move. Much easier than other desks to move since the whole thing easily collapses down flat.
    • Cheap. The whole thing was <$100.
    • Simple. It's the most minimal desk I've ever personally owned and looks surprisingly good.

    I'm fairly certain this is the sawhorse I use.

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