Finish Your Side Projects. Find Your Next One.(

8 years ago from Cole Townsend, Designer at Robin Powered, does New Old Stock

  • Joe CJoe C, 8 years ago

    Huge respect for displaying ads in your screenshots, I really dig that level of honesty. Made up my mind instantly to sign up once I saw that.

    Looking forward to checking it out, looks like I could finally get those dusty old side projects finished. I couldn't find it on the site, are there any time limits on the projects? I guess I'm wondering what would happen if you were working with someone and they went off the radar for a couple weeks. As you can only work with one person, are you able to sever ties on that relationship?

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    • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, 8 years ago

      There aren't time limits, yet. We're going to tackle this by allowing the project owner to "fire" someone. If they don't respond in X days — this is where we're really hemming and hawing — they'll be dropped from the project.

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