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over 6 years ago from Jayna Wallace, Technical Project Manager @ Complex / Former Head of Product & Design @ Spirited Media

  • Piet AukemanPiet Aukeman, over 6 years ago

    Would have been nice to see Minbox in their comparison chart as well, as it seems to be the most similar bit of software.

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    • Gaëtan RochelGaëtan Rochel, over 6 years ago


      We took it off because it was too similar to the other companies in the chart, it was a bit too confusing. Plus, few people knew it.

      You can see it here though: - -

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    • Lee Fuhr, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

      My first thought was "Great, another service that compares hazily to Minbox".

      I really want this "sending large files" thing to be solved by someone. Minbox is pretty dang good. I guess the only downside (to the free version, at least) is that links to giant uploaded files will expire after an unknown period of time.

      So how does Infinit compare with Minbox? Is there a writeup about that anywhere? Can I grab a link for a file in Finder without using my mouse? (cmd-U for Minbox) Can I link directly to an image, without chrome / branding?

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      • Gaëtan RochelGaëtan Rochel, over 6 years ago

        Hey Lee.

        The link feature that we added a couple weeks ago is quite comparable to Minbox (shortcuts and direct links will come soon too).

        But that's the the peer to peer part of Infinit which make us quite different: you can pause/resume the transfers (quite important for really large files), stream the files before the transfer is finished, it's more secure (end to end encrypted). It will also be a lot faster if you're sharing files on the same wifi since it will use your local network.

        I also think our experience of drag and dropping to a contact instead entering an email every time or having to generate a link is more playful and easier to use.

        We're on Windows too (and Linux soon).

        We'll be glad to have your feedbacks if you try it :)

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        • Lee Fuhr, over 6 years ago

          Excellent, thanks for the reply. The P2P backing is surely very interesting. I presume this means there wouldn't really be a maximum file size. True? Or not so, given that you also do an upload (which seems wise, so that we don't have to both have the app, and be on at the same time).

          And I like the aim at "playful". It's easy for this to go off the rails though. So far you're walking that line very nicely.

          I'll look forward to really robust keyboard shortcut integration. I hate mousing. :)

          Thanks for the fine work!

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          • Gaëtan RochelGaëtan Rochel, over 6 years ago

            Sorry for the very late answer but you were right, no maximum file size. We don't have limits for links too given that most of our transfers are p2p anyway, we can be quite aggressive.

            And we're actually choosing the shortcuts right now! We were thinking about CMD+Shift+I (Infinit) and CMD+Shift+U (Upload) to send files directly from the Finder. What's your opinion? :)

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