• Jennifer LiangJennifer Liang, over 9 years ago

    Hi Frank! Thanks for doing this on 2 hours of sleep!

    1. When you have gotten to a point in your career, such as where you are, how do you stay humble about your work and just about your life in general? I feel as if some people either go one route or another.

    2. You recommended 'Madness, Rack, and Honey' a couple months ago. Is there anything else you are reading now or recently read, that you would like to recommend? Although I haven't read that much into 'Dance of Dragons', I felt the same way you did about it whilst reading the 4th book. It felt boring and definitely not as enjoyable as the first 3, unfortunately!

    BUT, the finale to GOT was fantastic albeit missing something I was expecting but definitely will not mention here! :D Thanks for your time!

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    • Frank ChimeroFrank Chimero, over 9 years ago

      1) I am lucky and have a whole swath of friends and family who are more than happy to call me on my shit. My sister duct taped me to a pole when I was 9, and she could probably do it again now. That's how you stay humble. We're all just people, right? That's what I think. Anyway, I'm glad she let me loose so I could answer all these questions on the internet.

      2) Oh man. Madness is GREAT! And I agree with you on ASOIAF stuff. I struggled through Book 4, and when I hit Book 5 with all my favorite characters, and I read and I read, and nothing happened... I just threw the damn thing across the room. Anyway, I'm reading Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker right now and it is what we in the biz like to call "amazeballs." I also know next-to-nothing about comics, but I've really been enjoying the SAGA series. Also reading bits and pieces of Don Quixote, but taking my time with it since it's big and has lots of short chapters. Very easy to read a little and put it back down.

      And, I'm going to check out the finale tonight. AND, I think I know thie "thing" you're referencing, and I am shocked it's not in there!

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      • Jennifer LiangJennifer Liang, over 9 years ago

        I think it took me several long months before I actually finished Book 4. But I have this thing about closure as well and will likely force myself to make it through Book 5. @_@. And yes, I was quite shocked as well. I hope my comment didn't sort of ruin it on some level for you. But seriously though...I was waiting ALL season for it and nothing.

        I absolutely love steampunk-esque genres, so I'll definitely check Angelmaker out.

        Just going to throw some of my own recommendations out there: I would really highly recommended 'The Martian' by Andy Weir. I recently finished this and it was an absolute BLAST to read. As for comics/graphic novels, one that really resonated with me was called "Daytripper". I had gotten it for free at work, but the art itself is just beautiful. The story was also extremely thought-provoking.

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