• Jay CruzJay Cruz, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Hi Frank,

    Love your work and can't wait to have the first issue of The Great Discontent in my hands.

    Just one question:

    How do you know if you're really any good at design?

    Some context. I'm in my sophomore year as Graphic and Interactive design student. So far everything is going great. I get good grades, I ace the projects, and I generally get positive feedback from professors and other students, but I still don't feel confident about myself because my work hasn't been tested out there in the real world. I guess the sub question here is how do you find the feedback that will really help you see if you're good or not, and how do you find those people?

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    • Frank ChimeroFrank Chimero, over 9 years ago

      Jay: Ease up! You're a student. Your grades are your main feedback mechanism from teachers. If you want more, ask for their thoughts on how to improve what you've made. Things can always be better, of course. Just make stuff, show it to people, ask for feedback, and listen to the folks whose work you respect. You don't really ever stop doing that, and you never feel like you're work is ever "there."

      Also excited to get you the mag. Hope you like it!

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