• David HwangDavid Hwang, over 9 years ago

    Hi Frank, I recently co-opted your 'Two Sentences' post in a talk I gave in front of a bunch of Front-end Developers and the sentiment you expressed in that's all too much for one person to reasonably know resonated with many of the folks there. Since writing that post, have your feelings changed about it at all? Is it just something we as an industry have to suck it up and accept, or is it symbolic of a greater problem?

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    • Frank ChimeroFrank Chimero, over 9 years ago

      Both? :)

      Let's start with me: I have to acknowledge that this stuff is difficult, and it will take time and effort to understand.

      Now let's move on to everyone else: we need to do a better job of describing the connective tissue of making things for the web. Everyone is describing the one little piece they've created, but don't explain (or even reference!) the larger concepts of how all of these elements link together. This is, in my mind, just a symptom of the web stack being so deep. The more interconnected and complex a system becomes, the more difficult it is to tease it apart. You have to see the progress while it's happening to decipher it, so if you're like me and missed out on a couple years, you only see the tangle of christmas lights.

      And maybe that's why that post struck a chord with some folks. Understanding all of this feels more like deciphering a secret language than learning a new skill.

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