• Luke PattonLuke Patton, over 9 years ago

    Hi Frank! I love your essays and especially some of the type pairs you come up with. Just a couple of casual questions!

    Do you have any design "guilty pleasures"? I know a lot of designers have something small they do like buy too many fonts or secretly browse dribbble late at night.

    What project has been the most personally rewarding for you? Any poster, the book, etc that you can just pull out and still be happy about?


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    • Frank ChimeroFrank Chimero, over 9 years ago

      Hey Luke! My design guilty pleasure is messing with my own site. I do it all the time, and it the frequency of the changes can annoy some folks, but it's a lab, so c'mon! You need somewhere to mess around with flexbox and all that new stuff, right?

      And, I think my book, The Shape of Design, has been my most rewarding project. This has little to nothing to do with writing or designing it, and everything to do with the responses I get from people who read it, enjoyed it, and said it helped them sort through some thoughts. Victory! That thing was a total slog of a project, but now I feel like it was worth it.

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