• Ian GoodeIan Goode, over 9 years ago

    That's awesome, I'm jealous. You're in a much better position than someone who would be starting to learn Swift with no Objective-C experience.

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    • Account deleted over 9 years ago

      You're right! I will continue developing my Objective-C skills and finish the apps I started.

      Here's also a good excerpt from the Treehouse FAQ:

      Q. I just started learning Objective-C, should I just learn Swift instead?

      A. As mentioned above, Apple has released a comprehensive book on the language so by all means start learning Swift. After glancing through the book I believe that on some levels Swift may be harder to learn because of the advanced features mentioned above. My suggestion would be to continue learning Objective-C, although it may look difficult syntactically but conceptually it's a much simpler language and great for a beginner. Once you get the hang of Objective-C then switching over to Swift will be a lot easier because the two languages are quite similar.

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